Re: observing methodologies / PAE

Subject: Re: observing methodologies / PAE
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 06:59:21 EDT

Jan continued:

>At 13.17 +0200 99-07-28, Naut Humon wrote:
>>they felt that transcribing 3-700 entries to multiple
>>CDR's or so was by its sheer volume time AND cost prohibitive.

Interesting. What are the costs (for a large organization with a fair
amount of $ to be distributed)? (How much was being awarded in the
Digital Music category?)

How much does it cost to transfer 25 pieces (75 minutes)? Two /
three hours of studio time? 30 CDs (eg) = 60 - 90 hours. (?)

How long to burn 5 CDs? How much does it cost for (30 x 5) CDs?

How does this compare to the cost of having (say) 5 jury members spend 20
hours (2 full working days), listening to (and being fatigued by) 400
three-minute excerpts? Even at a minimal cost of $250/day x 5, would the
CDs cost more than $2500?

Someone who does this could probably provide a real $ figure. Considering
PAE organization's desire to have a wider scope, it was inevitable that
there would be increased costs associated with this.

>Why not use the net and allow competition entries to be posted
>over a full year? With that many entries you would still require
>3-minute previews but the full version should always be available

This is part of the pilot project that the CEC is implementing for some
upcoming projects. The matter that the CEC (and *PeP*) have been dealing
with is the matter of getting contracts signed with the submissions.
(Please see the CEC site for some existing forms.) It is felt that the
composer needs to consent to having their piece in a public venue, where
it is possible to be copied.

One way is to have the pieces posted to a private site so that only jury
members / authorized people can access the works, however the CEC (and
*PeP*) are promoting a more open approach to the whole issue of
submissions to competitions.



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