Re: observing methodologies / PAE

Subject: Re: observing methodologies / PAE
From: Naut Humon (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 06:08:50 EDT

Pre selective listening strategies:
>Jury members listening time:
>Return postage for package of CD's sent to each jury member:
>Administrative coordination:

Receiving 700 or more CDR's at home is OK with me but
where do most jurors find time or space to have all that bulk
fill up their listening room? The vast majority of entries
arrive the week of the deadline which is 2-3 weeks before
the jury meets. Internet posting could sort of be entertained
provided the downloading time is acceptable (until broadband

>Money that would be spent on hotels, airplanes, and meals could be diverted
>to larger jury fees and the cost of mailing the materials back and forth.

For a festival like PAE a physical gathering and group
debate is fairly essential for a jury. It strongly
affects the outcome to be able to all interact over
perceptions of material and really discuss the distillation
procedures. Other competitions, however, may benefit
from this remote evaluation concept.

........... naut humon

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