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From: dave solursh (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 23:55:33 EDT

Hello again, I kinda think of the sound card as your eyes. Your brain
(CPU ((central processing unit)) can't get a hold of an image if you don't
have any (eyes)???? If you are near sighted (standard mac card, that
comes included) you can see the image but it is not as clear as it could
be. If you buy glasses (a fancy expensive sound card) you can see the
image crystal clear!!!! On my sound card the Digi ins and outs are yellow
or black. The analog are red and white. I think this is standard?
        the driver is the nevre (SOFTWARE) from your brain to your eye.
Programs like SDedit 16 don't need the a fancy card to process sound, it is
done by the brain (CPU) of the G3. If you use beefier programs like
Protools, you need the power that the sound card offers (like a computer
inside a computer)
        So you can see that the sound card has two main functions, 1 the
eyes (or ears) and 2) A second internal computer (or brain) that
specialises in the processing of sounds.
        Help, my CPU is smoking now, Till next time, Little dave.

>All help is great. Though I find I'm more and more ignorant as I go along. I
>don't really know about sound cards, but I believe my computer has one. I
>think I remember it saying something about that on the flyer before I got
>it... and I've been using SoundEdit 16 and cheaper programs on it. Is a sound
>card just the driver of sound programs or sound related ... things... geez I
>wish somebody would explain the computer in terms of the human body... I think
>that would be the easiest way to understand it. What part of the human body
>would the sound card play? Not to make this anymore confusing...
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>> > Thanks for the quick responses. The other thing I forgot to mention is
>> >that I have
>> >a G3 Mac with RCA jacks, which I would like to be able to go in and out of
>> >freely.
>> >What are digital outputs? Prongy things? Plus... isn't compression
>> >generally bad
>> >for sound, unless it can be uncompressed to its natural state? This stereo
>> >box I have
>> >has compressed sound output - if there is a loud sound it grabs hold of it
>> >really
>> >quickly and pulls it down, and it really destroys the natural space of
>> >what's being
>> >played. I'm not sure if this is a different kind of compression than the
>> >mini disc?
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>> >Sophia
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>> >PS The real Spinoza was ex-communicated from his Jewish community for
>> >believing in
>> >pantheism. He thought all human emotions and actions to be as natural as
>> >Nature
>> >herself, oops - itself.
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