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Subject: Re: IMHO, dat stat...
From: Sophia Male (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 23:10:10 EDT

dave solursh wrote:

> Hay Sophia, do you have a sound card? I am not experienced with the new
> mac G3's (I am dieing to though) But I didn't know that mac's came with
> digital In's and out's. Ignore me if you already have a card, but I
> would recommend looking at a Digidesign "Audiomedia 3", this card allows
> you to bring good quality digi. and analog. sound in and out of your mac.
> You can also run programs which rely on the brains of the card to do
> complex sound processing.
> I hope I am helping, Little Dave.

All help is great. Though I find I'm more and more ignorant as I go along. I
don't really know about sound cards, but I believe my computer has one. I
think I remember it saying something about that on the flyer before I got
it... and I've been using SoundEdit 16 and cheaper programs on it. Is a sound
card just the driver of sound programs or sound related ... things... geez I
wish somebody would explain the computer in terms of the human body... I think
that would be the easiest way to understand it. What part of the human body
would the sound card play? Not to make this anymore confusing...


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> >
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> >
> > Thanks for the quick responses. The other thing I forgot to mention is
> >that I have
> >a G3 Mac with RCA jacks, which I would like to be able to go in and out of
> >freely.
> >What are digital outputs? Prongy things? Plus... isn't compression
> >generally bad
> >for sound, unless it can be uncompressed to its natural state? This stereo
> >box I have
> >has compressed sound output - if there is a loud sound it grabs hold of it
> >really
> >quickly and pulls it down, and it really destroys the natural space of
> >what's being
> >played. I'm not sure if this is a different kind of compression than the
> >mini disc?
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> >Sophia
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> >PS The real Spinoza was ex-communicated from his Jewish community for
> >believing in
> >pantheism. He thought all human emotions and actions to be as natural as
> >Nature
> >herself, oops - itself.
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