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Subject: Re: observing methodologies / PAE
From: Darren Copeland (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 16:04:58 EDT

At 01:37 PM 7/28/99 +0200, you wrote:
>At 13.17 +0200 99-07-28, Naut Humon wrote:
>>they felt that transcribing 3-700 entries to multiple
>>CDR's or so was by its sheer volume time AND cost prohibitive.
>Why not use the net and allow competition entries to be posted
>over a full year? With that many entries you would still require
>3-minute previews but the full version should always be available
>Technical matters should not be a problem when we are talking
>"Digital Musics". Simply request material in one of several
>widely used formats (like MP3, Quicktime 4). Maybe just an URL.
>You could even allow other interested parties to listen (cm/ea
>students, members of lists such as this)
>/Jan Larsson

An ingenious idea, but there has to be some way of saying that this sample
of works were all realized and completed before XX date, rather than updated
and improved upon in the period between the competition deadline and when
the jury members get to hear the work (which might be a week or so before
someone else completed their work - in the process of revision, a week's
worth of work can mean a great deal of progress!)

I suppose the competition could post the works on a web site, but they would
have to budget for the labour. See my other posting about simply mailing
the entries directly to the jury members.

Darren Copeland


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