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Subject: Re: [[Fwd: Digital Music]]
From: Martín (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 11:11:51 EDT

Dear Larry,

as I said in a previous posting to cecdiscuss,
I attended the 1995 CCRMA summer concert, which was
called "Digital Music Under the Stars". So the term
"Digital Music" was adopted since at least 1995.

You should note the expression "at least" in
the message you quoted. You should ask about
how the 1994 (and/or 1993) CCRMA summer concert
was named.


Martin Fumarola

Larry Austin <> wrote:
>CEC colleagues:
>Sorry to harass, but here's the definitive
>date on the adoption of "digital musics"
>by CCRMA: 1996.
>Larry Austin

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