observing methodologies / PAE

Subject: observing methodologies / PAE
From: Naut Humon (naut@sirius.com)
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 07:17:55 EDT

This method discussed recently about sending copies to the
judges prior to competitions was brought up after last years PAE
panel. And when I discussed this notion to the organizers
they felt that transcribing 3-700 entries to multiple
CDR's or so was by its sheer volume time AND cost prohibitive.

 It is ,however, more constructive and fair to the submissions
but there seemed to be few qualified persons available to
go through all of these in Austria with the knowledgable
criteria for possible preselection choices. Preselection
happened anyway by several jury members 3 days ahead of
the "official" first day. People were really wondering
if any of the judges could spare that many home hours over many
hundreds of entries. Then is it still fair to send only
3 minute previews to the panel's houses to give them a head
start? Time means money to some participants and Ars doesn't
pay that much to cover particular domestic schedules.
But considering other festival juries coverage I think PAE is
decent. I do appreciate Rio and other contests actually
being able to do some of this pre-listening concept.

....... just an aside .................. naut

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