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Subject: Re: IMHO, dat stat...
From: Geoffroy Montel (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 03:08:50 EDT


Sophia Male a écrit :
> A few things...
> 1) What does IMHO mean? "In my humble opinion?"
yes, it does

> 2) I want to purchase a not-too-expenisive-but-good-quality recording device
> to take travelling to Europe with me in the fall. I want to record both high
> quality nature-type sounds and vocal radio stuff where the sound quality is
> not as important. But there are money issues, theft vulnerabilities, size,
> how long the dat will be in business... etc. I've been told that mini discs
> are no good yet?,
IMHO, For what you want, I think MiniDisc is the perfect way to go: the
sound quality is very good (in fact the compression is only annoying
when you're doing several generation copies, but it won't be the case
if you want to do some field recordings), the media is strong and
handy, and it's very convenient and reliable (much more than DAT,
it's not a tape), and cheap!
Take a listen, you won't be deceived!
Just be sure to get the right recorder that suits your needs: my advice
would be to get either the AIWA AM-F70 or the SONY MZ-R50, but be
sure NOT to get a Sharp 702 or a SONY MZ-R55, they're bad.
BTW (By The Way, just in case of :) ) you should replace the
supplied earphones by better ones, because they sound awfull
(Sony MDR-V6 and Koss PortaPro/Sporta Pro/Porta Pro Jr/KSC35
are said to be well adapted to MiniDisc recorders).

Hope it helps,


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