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Subject: [Fwd: Digital Music]
From: Larry Austin (austin@sndart.cemi.unt.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 20:03:46 EDT

CEC colleagues:

Sorry to harass, but here's the definitive
date on the adoption of "digital musics"
by CCRMA: 1996.

Larry Austin

attached mail follows:

Hi LArry,
sorry for the delay but I was in charge or the Summer Concert's
organization and I'm just reading last week's email right now. The name
"Digital Music under the Stars" has been used at least since 1996 for the
Summer Concert at the new venue (CCRMA's Courtyard). The concert moved
form Frost to The Knoll the year I arrived here and I have program notes
from that concert (I premiered my piece Metal Hurlant in it).
I hope this helps,

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Larry Austin wrote:

> Dear Juan Pampin:
> Can you or someone at CCRMA tell me when
> the term "Digital Music under the Stars" was
> first used in connection with the summer
> (or other) concert of computer music?
> I know that at least up until 1992, ther summer
> concert was called "Computer Music Festival".
> If you don't happen to know, could you ask
> someone who might (e.g., Chris Chafe)?
> With thanks,
> Larry Austin

Juan Pampin

Center for Computer Research
in Music and Acoustics.
Stanford University


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