IMHO, dat stat...

Subject: IMHO, dat stat...
From: Sophia Male (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 20:27:45 EDT

A few things...

1) What does IMHO mean? "In my humble opinion?"

2) I want to purchase a not-too-expenisive-but-good-quality recording device
to take travelling to Europe with me in the fall. I want to record both high
quality nature-type sounds and vocal radio stuff where the sound quality is
not as important. But there are money issues, theft vulnerabilities, size,
how long the dat will be in business... etc. I've been told that mini discs
are no good yet?, CD size not available?, I've thought about a Marantz tape
recorder?... but basically I'm wondering if the portable dat is still the best
recording device in terms of quality and size and ... well, it's not too
expensive... but I do find the dat tapes expensive, I always lose my time
code, often tapes end up getting ruined in one spot where they distort and
distort and I'm pretty sure it's not the machine. I may just have bad luck or
don't treat things that well.
Plus, if the dat is still the best bet, does anyone know of cheap or used
places to check out in either Montreal, or Toronto?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


P.S. People get high off of using words. I find TV news stations to be the
worst. During the Kosovo war, the words "ethnic cleansing" became like a kind
of salad dressing for the story. And I think these words do mask what is
actually happening with an almost trendy label... they like saying "ethnic
cleansing". And that's what bothers me... is that these terms are trendy...
they take on a commercialized marketing role. Like "virtually spotless"
dishes. I think this thread is important, though not related to the list, as
this kind of excepted generalized Starbucks coffee label talk could slowly
turn us all to robots who don't even notice that there is no salad anymore.

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