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Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 18:30:22 EDT

Ian Chuprun wrote:

> I think the community knows who is young, who is emerging and who is established,
> but if not, a few criteria IMHO for those who have moved out of the young and
> emerging artist category would be any of the following:
> - having completed a phd in ea/cm/dm

Didn't get one. "In my day" in the 'fifties, there were very few
doctorates offered in composition, much less ea/cm!

> - have a cd contract

Not at present. But only "commercial" artists have "contracts"
with record companies to make cd's. My recordings have been ad hoc.

> - having won a big competition (or maybe two)

A few.

> - have received a grant from an established funder for more than a few bucks.

Quite a few, if you include commissions in that mix.

> No hard and fast rules from me, but I think its fair to say that to do any of
> these it would require having been 'around' for some time. No?

Well, my point is that I and others like me "won" or "earned"
our first such when we were under or just over thirty. Then, at 30,
then 35, then maybe 40, we hit the glass age ceiling for such competitions.

There are, thank God, those competitions for awards and performances
that allow ALL to submit. AND my students (now former students)
through the years (even back to 1958) enjoy the hell out of beating their
old comp teacher, and I enjoy the hell out of beating them!!! For instance,
I sent a submission for the 1999 ICMC in Beijing and was turned down.
It's a blind, everyone-allowed process for computer music submissions,
judged by an international jury. Sure enough, one of my former students
from the early 'eighties sent me an insipid email, asking, "By the way,
are you going to Beijing. I got a piece and and paper accepted. How about
you?" Actually, I'm really proud, but I've "beat" him in other years! (sic)

Well, I'm not getting old very gracefully, am I?

Larry Austin

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