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Subject: Re: Give for Russolo
From: Nicolas Vérin (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 11:11:20 EDT

>> It is a very important cost:
>> -welcome of members of the jury (France, Bulgaria, Slovaquia, Sweden...)
> So, money gets channelled into the pockets, or stomachs, of a few jury
>members who are flown in for the festivities. And Russolo doesn't even have
>any prize money for the winners? (A CD is nice though, if you're sent it it
>seems) This has been the case for many years eh? And who are the jury members
>in general? Young and/or un-emerged composers? I think not.
>But maybe this issue (and the one at the heart of the PAE discussion) is a
>symptom of a larger malaise...

That's a mistake in translation :
Philippe Blanchard meant "costs of transportation and lodging for members
of the jury".

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