Re: observances, etc.

Subject: Re: observances, etc.
From: Geoffroy Montel (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 10:44:01 EDT


> Nonetheless, could electroacoustic competitions not steal a page from their
> playbook? They could request composers to submit five CDR copies of their
> submissions so that all of the jury members can go through the works
> privately in their own home over an extended period of time before coming
> together for discussion? This obviously brings in other expenses, but then
> it also removes the necessity for them to meet at all, which is the most
> expensive option of all!

Good idea! As competitions such as Ars Electronica are asking for
a 3 minutes extract of the piece, maybe they could make a 1 or 2 or
3-cds compilation of all the extracts, so that the jury members
could have an equal first listening

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