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Subject: Bruno Letort
From: Geoffroy Montel (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 09:14:40 EDT

English translation follows, although it might not be very
interesting for you



Je m'adresse aux francais de la ml.
Je suis assez fan des emissions "Tapage Nocturne/Papillons de nuit"
de Bruno Letort, sur France Musique, et j'aimerais savoir si la
creation d'une mailing list basee sur cette emission vous interesserait.
L'emission serait un support a la discussion sur les compositions/
compositeurs diffuses.

Qu'en pensez vous?
J'ai essaye de joindre Bruno Letort par mail a Radio France mais
sans succes



PS: au fait, connaissez vous Bruno Letort en tant que musicien. Je sais
qu'il a fait plusieurs disques mais je n'ai jamais entendu un seul?



There's a radio show called "Tapage Nocturne/Papillons de nuit"
run by Bruno Letort in France Musique, which deals with lots
of music, including ea.
As I really enjoy this show, I thought of the creation of a
mailing list dedicated to it, in order to chat about the
composers and their works that are played each week.
That's why I'm asking whether any member of the list might
be interested by it.

For you who don't live in France, and thus can not listen to
the radio show, I fear it might not be of a great interest.
Anyway, thanks for having read me :)

All the best,


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