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Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 07:46:37 EDT


> (I've even _almost_ forgiven Larry Austin for taking my advance payment
> for Issue 11 [? and 12??] of Source magazine in the early 70s, and then
> not producing them. But seriously, not being someone who holds a
> completely justifiable grudge for a _long_ time, I do not all the time
> think about the fact, that the $40US paid back then, compounded and
> equalized for inflation, would have allowed me to cover six of the
> payments on my second Lexus ... the gold convertable one in the driveway
> ... ) <<<<8-(*)>>>>>!!ro>>>f>>
> Ah dog days.

Dear Kevin:

My strong recollection is that Source notified all current subscribers that
Issue 12 would not be published, because Source had run out of people-and-
money-and-time. Issue 11 was published, by the way. If you didn't
get your issue, I will send you one today. The options we offered subscribers

to Issue 12 was either a cash refund or a grab-bag of published scores that
Source published and sold separately. Some beautiful subscribers opted to
take neither option, letting their investment be a contribution to Source for
paying its overdue bills to the printer...who simply couldn't continue to
carry our debt to him any longer. You were probably one of those, no doubt.
I thank you for sacrificing that $40US (was it that much? I don't think so!)
and interest that could have been applied to that second Lexus.

Not quite as cantankerously and maybe just a little nostalgic,


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