Re: The Youth Tag

Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 06:45:00 EDT

I largely concur with Ian's (short) list of criteria for "young, and
emerging" composers. (Please note the comma.) A central point of
discussion (around) here has been how to be inclusive regarding women
(who may have alternative career trajectories), and the poor (either in
terms of $ or access to facilties - physical, intellectual and otherwise).

Someone (Javier Ruiz??) just this week wrote a comment to the 'Finale' list
about the recent Bourges festival. Some festival / conferences require
that the composer attend (and frequently pay registration fees). But
there are realities of production and travel etc.

Jury expenses (and selection processes) have long been an item of concern
in this area. The CEC is in the process of creating a permanent
infrastructure to reduce the costs and open up the nature of the
selection process. (More on this at another time.)

It is my experience that it is not easy to organize an on-going festival
or conference, esp when it is outside of the sphere of assured public
funding. (Universities have relatively assured public funding, but none
of us is immune to the "Latrobe Disaster" syndrome. Very, very sad.)

There are many forces at play, including projection of a vision of
support for the (ea/cm) community, encouragement of a younger generation,
support of emerging artists, battling the "production cost" wars, and the
important aspect of giving up ones' own creative time and energies so
that many may benefit.

It is unfortunate that "things slip through the cracks", and that there
are "promises unfulfilled" (I could create an enormous list of my own --
just from the past _5_ years ... so let's not even think about the 70s and
80s!), but in my experience, the members of our community are fair minded,
quick to forgive, prepared to giggle over it, and are accustomed to doing
everything with nothing, so what else is new? <<<8-()>>>>>>

(I've even _almost_ forgiven Larry Austin for taking my advance payment
for Issue 11 [? and 12??] of Source magazine in the early 70s, and then
not producing them. But seriously, not being someone who holds a
completely justifiable grudge for a _long_ time, I do not all the time
think about the fact, that the $40US paid back then, compounded and
equalized for inflation, would have allowed me to cover six of the
payments on my second Lexus ... the gold convertable one in the driveway
... ) <<<<8-(*)>>>>>!!ro>>>f>>

Ah dog days.



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