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Subject: Re: [RE: observances]
From: matt kober (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 01:08:02 EDT

I don't know, neil... I personally think that being afraid of words is
a dangerous thing. (smacks of fascism!) Words tend to gain new
meanings and significance as time progresses, no? Words like "techno",
"commune" or "hoe" attain different meaning and status in regards to
their context. Using the word Nazi to describe someone as being
fascistic can be harsh, maybe, but it doesn't diminish the gravity and
obscenity of what occurred during WWII. It's just that the word itself
has gained a new facet, like calling something a "mickey mouse"
operation... think about the reaction to the seinfeld sitcom episode
with the "soup-nazi".

i'm gonna go turn off the radio, they're playing Wagner again...


--- Neil Wiernik <> wrote:
> All I have to say is if you were part of a group of
> people who were
> targeted by the nazi regime you would never ever
> make such statments
> because you know not to!!!
> This is not even worth my time argueing as you just
> dont understand how
> wrong it is.
> Neil
> At 07:40 PM 7/23/99 +0200, you wrote:
> >Although I am rarely hyposensitive in this regard I
> should say that M.
> Fumarola was
> >using the term "nazi-fascist", with the second
> half, "fascist", having a
> more general
> >meaning, though. So if the "Great Master" in
> question really behaves in a
> >totalitarian and dictatorial manner, this term
> applied shouldn't be all
> too wrong ...
> >(without knowing about the exact circumstances,
> though).
> >Sincerely,
> >Alexandra Hettergott.
> >

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