Re: The Youth Tag

Subject: Re: The Youth Tag
From: John Young (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 23:29:48 EDT

>>Larry Austin wrote:
>>Not only are late starters disallowed, but "sub"-merging composers in
>>'sixties and 'seventies--like me--are kept from such competitions. I
>>that composition competitions of all types adopt this under-35 or 40
>>because their beneficence flows from the mistaken notion that their
>>surely will attract and award its prize to the next, emerging musical
>>thereby bring glory to their competition and its sponsors.

and Garth Paine wrote:

>This situation makes me feel that I am paying a price for working
>hard to be self-supported, for make my way in the commercial world.
>The festivals don't look at how many personal artistic projects have
>been self funded, so I guess I am now wollowing in the swamp of
>"emerged" middle-aged artist/composer.

There's always the Magisterium!

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