inner space playlist for 25.07.1999.

Subject: inner space playlist for 25.07.1999.
From: Vladimir Jovanovic (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 18:45:49 EDT

Inner Space - a weekly radio program
for beatless minimalistic ambient,
noise, experimental, electroacoustic,
musique concrete, field recordings,
sound artism and similar kinds of
droning and drifting music.
Broadcasting from 22-24h sundays
on 100,5 FM Radio Student in Zagreb, Croatia.

Playlist for 25.07.1999.

Tonight on Inner Space, among others,
the latest album from Bernhard Gunter
on his label Trente Oiseaux and
some of the recent releases
from the canadian electroacoustic label
Earsay Productions. After two highly praised
compilations (Harangue I and II),
they managed to justify high expectations
with new albums from two innovative
international artists; Rainer Burck
from Germany and Damian Keller from Argentina.

Daniel Menche - Scourge

(3"CD from G.M.B.H.)

Susan Frykberg - Sue and Kathy telecompose across the country

(from Astonishing sense - Earsay Productions)

John Oliver - Off the edge

(from Icicle blue avalanche - Earsay Productions)

Damian Keller - Realpolitik

              - Least, but not last

              - Coin a name

              - Vox populi

(from Touch and go - Earsay Productions)

Rainer Burck - Des ombres de la nuit

(from Without fear - Earsay Productions)

Ralf Wehowsky - Nameless victims

(3"CD from Metamkine)

Bernhard Gunter - Vertige hasard

(from Univers temporel espoir - Trente Oiseaux)


Due to the special summer schedule
in august, here on Radio Student,
Inner Space will be taking a break
and it will be back on the air in september.

I would like to thank all the artists
and record labels who contributed
their music to this program, and hope
they will continue to do so in the future.
The material that was received recently
and hasnt been played yet,
will go on the air as soon as possible.

Vladimir Jovanovic
host of Inner Space

for info about airplay,
please write to:


I will be away in the following weeks,
and wont be able to answer any mail
until the end of august,
so please hold your enquiries until then.

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