The Youth Tag

Subject: The Youth Tag
From: Garth Paine (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 19:11:59 EDT

>Larry Austin wrote:

>Not only are late starters disallowed, but "sub"-merging composers in
>'sixties and 'seventies--like me--are kept from such competitions. I
>that composition competitions of all types adopt this under-35 or 40
>because their beneficence flows from the mistaken notion that their
>surely will attract and award its prize to the next, emerging musical
>thereby bring glory to their competition and its sponsors.

This is also true with some festivals in Australia. The "Next Wave"
festival has in the past focused on emerging artforms as well as
"Emerging" artists, but has made the decision this year to define
that focus as emerging artists = young artists. Of course this is
complete rubbish. Some of us have lengthy CV's because we have
slaved away making our way in the commercial world for years. This
of course often means that the personal artistic projects take a back
seat, which means that the big festivals don't take you seriously as
there are not enough festival projects in the CV, and the "youth"
festivals don't look at you because you are over 30, or seen as
"emerged" on the basis of a long CV of commercial projects.

This situation makes me feel that I am paying a price for working
hard to be self-supported, for make my way in the commercial world.
The festivals don't look at how many personal artistic projects have
been self funded, so I guess I am now wollowing in the swamp of
"emerged" middle-aged artist/composer.



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