jMax GPL release

Subject: jMax GPL release
From: Vincent Puig (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 15:58:35 EDT

Ircam releases jMax under GNU's General Public License

Paris, France (July 20, 1999) -- IRCAM announces the distribution of jMax,
its software environment for music performance and real time digital audio
processing, as free software under the GNU General Public License.

Since its first public release for the SGI and Linux platforms in early
1999, jMax has reached several hundred users that expressed high interest in
the product and its development. This interest, added to the rapid growth of
the Linux operating system and the effectiveness of the open development
model, created the conditions for an opening of the jMax development.

By releasing jMax under GNU's General Public License, IRCAM brings a key
contribution to the computer music community and to the adoption of Linux
for the multimedia market.

jMax is the new generation of real time systems at IRCAM, designed to
replace the Ircam Signal Processing Workstation. Based on a client/server
architecture, wherein the two components are the C written real-time engine
already known as FTS and a Java graphical user interface, jMax features a
high portability level.

jMax is currently supported on SGI workstations and on Linux for
Intel-compatible processors. Porting to other platforms are under
development, including Alpha-Linux, Linux-PPC, Solaris, Apple MacOS X and
Microsoft's Windows. Compatibilities with Max/MSP (IRCAM/Opcode/Cycling'74)
currently running on MacOS will be pursued.

Support, documentation, tutorials, CDROMs and musical applications for jMax
will be provided by the IRCAM Forum, the IRCAM user group accessible via a
yearly subscription. IRCAM Forum can be reached at

jMax is currently being developed at IRCAM by the Real Time Systems team,
lead by François Déchelle, with Maurizio de Cecco, Enzo Maggi and Norbert

jMax is currently used in concert and in studio, at Ircam and on
international tours, for productions featuring real time audio synthesis and
processing, as well as for virtual reality interactive installations that
combine image and sound synthesis.

For more information and download, please visit IRCAM's Web site at :

IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/ Musique) is a
non-profit organization associated with the Georges Pompidou National Center
of Art and Culture, Paris, France. Since its foundation in 1969 by the
French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez, IRCAM has always been a pioneer
in designing real time systems for live interaction between instruments and
computers. The first generation of systems lead in 1981 to the 4X processor,
designed at IRCAM by Giuseppe Di Giugno. In the 80s, Miller Puckette started
developing at IRCAM the Max software, a visual language that brought a new
concept in musical interaction. Max, licensed to Opcode Systems Inc., CA,
has reached a wide audience in the computer music community. The IRCAM
Signal Processing Workstation, designed in 1989 at IRCAM by a team leaded by
Eric Lindemann, has been adopted by a large number of composers as a choice
platform for real time interactive musical pieces.

Contact : François Déchelle IRCAM 1, place Igor Stravinsky F-75004 PARIS

Fax : +33 1 44 78 15 40 email :

(C) Copyright IRCAM-Centre Georges Pompidou 1999, All Rights Reserved
Max, jMax and FTS are registered trademarks of IRCAM
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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