how to pay for Russolo

Subject: how to pay for Russolo
From: A.J. Moore (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 05:45:08 EDT

The Russolo competition is now $25 to enter - with a DAT submission.
I have emailed with some questions
but have yet to receive a reply and with time running out, I am about to
So how does one send a postal order for $25 from the UK?

1) certainly here in the UK - international postal orders are not available in
Dollars (apparently)
2) why not try an money order at the bank - for that you need a name and
address (not explicit in the regulations)
and it would cost 10UKP which is $16. The cost mounts.
3) For European Union entrants there are so many easy ways to pay.
(Eurocheques being one)
4) buy $25 green bills and post cash....hardly a neet solution.

also, as many have said, the DAT medium for competition entries is one
of the more expensive methods. Would the foundation accept CDR's I
wonder ?

in the regulations under no.8
"the secretariat, verifying the material, will eliminate all the
participants who
will no respect all these rules with scrupolosity", suggests not.

Interesting, as Prix Russolo is a growing competition with a keen interest
in promoting 'digital musics'.


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