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Subject: Re: [RE: observances]
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 17:03:38 EDT

>I have to say that still unfortunately you dont get it still. Its not
>about my feelings or any one elses. Its about annihilation of a race,
>Its about ethnic cleansing. Its not about my own personal feelings its
>about understanding the importance of a period in history that we can
>not allow for trivialization, it has nothing to do with me personally.
>I am sure when I say these things I am speaking for all Jewish
>populations as a whole (not that I want that type of weight on my
>shoulders at all), what I have spoken of is not a personal politic but
>of a greater importance is all. Also I really feel there is no
>difference between the usage of the words Nazi and Hitler from Europe to
>North America. Its one of those cross cultural words that can be
>understood across cultural boundaries.
Not Nazi and Hitler yet fascist I said
>Ok enough said.......
Same as to me : I don't have to justify (for I am certainly /not/ the kind of
personage you are referring to).
Alexandra Hettergott

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