Re: [OT] Advice on used SGI

Subject: Re: [OT] Advice on used SGI
From: Eric Somers (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 16:42:18 EDT

I would go with the Indigo II. I think the Indigo is a more substantial
machine than the lower-end Indys (though, heaven knows, there were lots of
Indys sold). I had an old Indigo (not II) and found it very good for audio.

You will probably want to buy a second hard disk for it. Most any SCSI
high speed disk will do. I think SGI recommends Seagate Barracuda but most
any should work.

Also, if you can find a used SGI DAT tape drive be aware that not only are
they useful for backing up your hard drive, but the SGI DAT drive is the
only internal computer drive on the planet that can also read/write audio
DATS. Makes for very easy transfers to the hard drive. (Of course there
are also SP-DIF ports built in). There is lots of freeware for audio.
Check out the SGI audio apps page:

IRCAM has also just released jMax for Unix SGI under the gnu general public

Good luck. If you are paying more than $800-1200 for the Indigo II, more
than $400-500 for the regular Indys, or more than about $750-1000 for the
R5000 Indy (depending on monitors and other configurations) then take a
look at EBay before you buy. Lots of low priced SGI stuff turns up there.

Good luck. Welcome to Unix, the most reliable operating system going.

- Eric

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