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Subject: Re: [RE: observances]
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 14:05:51 EDT

Neil Wiernik wrote :
>The word Fascism has a very broad and lose definition, one which is not
>worth the lists time for discussion.
Well, there might be some differences in the (daily) use between North America and
Europe, though, which I don't consider that inflationary here (i.e., the latter).
>But it important to remember that
>we should not use the terms nazi as loosely as it was being used. Nazi
>and Hitler are about one important moment in history that we should
>never forget and never be trivializing or we will forget and this allows
>for it to happen again.
Absolutely !
I am sorry if I should have hurt your feelings.
Alexandra Hettergott.

>Alexandra Hettergott wrote:
>> Neil Wiernik wrote :
>> >All I have to say is if you were part of a group of people who were
>> >targeted by the nazi regime you would never ever make such statments
>> >because you know not to!!!
>> Not at all ; yet I insist that "fascist" is a general term referring (too) to a
>> totalitarian and dictatorial behavior -- no justification, though !
>> >This is not even worth my time argueing as you just dont understand how
>> >wrong it is.
>> Well, at least you did find the time for your kind reply ...
>> Best,
>> Alexandra Hettergott.
>Neil Wiernik

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