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Subject: Re: [RE: observances]
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 13:04:29 EDT

I was not referring to you use of the word "fascist" this word can be
interpreted in many different ways. In fact the word does not equal in
some sort of automatic way Nazism and this is important to realize.
The word Fascism has a very broad and lose definition, one which is not
worth the lists time for discussion. But it important to remember that
we should not use the terms nazi as loosely as it was being used. Nazi
and Hitler are about one important moment in history that we should
never forget and never be trivializing or we will forget and this allows
for it to happen again.


Alexandra Hettergott wrote:
> Neil Wiernik wrote :
> >All I have to say is if you were part of a group of people who were
> >targeted by the nazi regime you would never ever make such statments
> >because you know not to!!!
> Not at all ; yet I insist that "fascist" is a general term referring (too) to a
> totalitarian and dictatorial behavior -- no justification, though !
> >This is not even worth my time argueing as you just dont understand how
> >wrong it is.
> Well, at least you did find the time for your kind reply ...
> Best,
> Alexandra Hettergott.


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