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From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Sat Jul 24 1999 - 14:53:16 EDT

Kevin Austin wrote :
>It strikes me that the evolution desired in some quarters is parallel to
>that of the 'contemporary music' world, where there are 'New Flute Music'
>competitions, and 'New Marimba Music' competitions. The ea/cm/(dm?)
>community will likely 'fragment' in various ways, and any (illusionary)
>sense of commonality will dissolve. And I would like to discuss what is
>evolving in this newer scenario. Sometime.
If I may pick up this one, too :
In a report on an exhibition of contemporary design in Lisbon (Museu do Design)
one could read that it is organized in three lines :
/Luxury/ [described as] : "dominated by the logic of the order, of the unique piece
intended for one use and a particular space" ;
/Pop/ : "which corresponds both to the discovery of market laws and a liberation of
of body and posture" ;
/Cool/ : "which does illustrate a spirit of creation found again [revived, regained]
and a mastering of the techniques and the material referring back to almost the epoch
of the unique object".
Not being entirely new one cannot avoid the impression that this is, with
modifications, a distinction apt to be applied to quite different domains of
art/design, and it is too not overly difficult to draw parallels to those categories
we (our ea/cm/(dm?) community) use to have in mind. Or isn't it also due to the fact
that nowadays we really make use of similar (digitization) means for quite different
(artistic (planning or/and realization)) purposes ; which bring not only the
processes of (the particular) (mental) creation closer together, yet at the same time
the proper categories drawn from ?
Just as to the "sometime".
Alexandra Hettergott.

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