Re: Source

Subject: Re: Source
Date: Sat Jul 24 1999 - 10:25:06 EDT

Eric continued:

>Good. Let's embrace this sort of thing and see people look into newer
>things. Larry and friends certainly brought together a diverse amount of
>unique work under the covers of that publication, and it seems to be
>brought together more by a common thread of quality, instead of one certain
>set of qualities.

But things just aint the same (he was heard to mutter) ... There was a
time when it would have been possible to put all of the 'new music'
composers (including electronic music composers, and computer music
composers), into a couple of jumbo jets. I guess we're talking 500 to
1,500 people. How many copies of 'Source' were printed? Recent
circulation figures of an esoteric journal like CMJ are in the 3,000
range ... and how many for Electronic Musician, Computer Musician (oops!)
Digital Musician, Keyboard Magazine ....

It strikes me that the evolution desired in some quarters is parallel to
that of the 'contemporary music' world, where there are 'New Flute Music'
competitions, and 'New Marimba Music' competitions. The ea/cm/(dm?)
community will likely 'fragment' in various ways, and any (illusionary)
sense of commonality will dissolve. And I would like to discuss what is
evolving in this newer scenario. Sometime.



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