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I have to agree as a child of a holocaust survivior, I see a fundamental
problem with the liberal use of the words Nazi and Hitler. I recently got
into a huge flame war on the techno list about this issue. One list member
refering to Mike Harris as a hitler icon.
I can not say it better then Linda other then when we use the terms Nazi
and Hitler as comparision to others more right winged persons or groups it
only helps to deminish and trivialise what had happened to 6 million plus
persons during the second world war.
FGOr me personally it only mankes me angery at the fact the there are
people who are helping to allow others to forget that my own family was
murdered and forced in to the death camps and ghettos.
Please be very carefull when using such terminalogy, I mean do we refer to
dictaors as being a polpot protogy?
I think not as for the smae reasons we should not do the same with Nazism
or Hitler...



At 11:42 AM 7/23/99 -0400, you wrote:
>There have been several people in composition in the U.S.
>(I have no direct knowledge of the situation in Argentine)
>who promote the careers of their lackeys, promote people who
>do similar work to women who won't sleep with them, exclude
>people who don't tow their lines, etc. Such dictatorial
>attitudes are not the same as Nazism. I don't remember
>what Jon wrote. But I still am concerned about the difference
>between criticizing a person for having dictatorial and
>punitive tactics and referring to a person as a Nazi. In
>order for me to believe someone is a Nazi I would have to
>know evidence that a person participated in Nazi activities
>or praised Nazism. Nazism refers to a system that committed
>murders and atrocities. Some academic power mongers are
>jerks, and I have seen victims of academic power politics
>die young (perhaps from stress, but it's not provable),
>but being a jerk is not the same as advocating a system of
>murder and atrocities. If I know of a case in which "X
>treated Y badly and Y died several years later," that is
>not the same as X and his political party cohorts murdered Y.
>In order for me to believe someone is a Nazi rather than a
>ruthless academic power monger I would have to know about
>the political activities the person was involved in.
>Linda Seltzer

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