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Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 08:58:46 EDT

Thank you Linda for your comments. Yes, Mr Kropfl is very
keen on the nazi and fascist thinking .

It is out of the scope of this list to detail certain
involvements of Mr. Francisco Kropfl in supporting actively
both the nazi and fascist ideology (and all authoritarian
kind of thought). I would only like to say that he had a
privileged position during the bloody military dictatorship
that lasted from 1976 through 1983 in Argentina.

For me, it is more important to refer to his anti-democratic
behaviour regarding the practise of ea/cm in Argentina: he is
president of the national federation since its inception (16
years ago) having never allowed elections to be held; he has
always favoured and encouraged that his lackeys and slaves
win prizes in the Bourges competition and always preventing
the Argentina-residents composers who refuse his dictatorial
policy (Ricardo Dal Farra, Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi and me)
not to win any prize in the Bourges contest nor to be performed
in the Synthese Festival; his role as cultural administrator
in Argentina.... this list could follow endlessly...

Have you read the comments by Jon Appleton about Kropfl that I
forwarded to cecdiscuss some time ago? Did you know that Jon
Appleton calls Kropfl as "the former Nazi commander"?

Martin Fumarola

"Linda A. Seltzer" <lseltzer@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> wrote:
>I am very sympathetic to the type of concerns Martin
>has raised, because I have knowledge of and experience
>of situations in the US. However, Martin has referred
>to someone as a nazi-facist. Are there any facts that
>back up the assertion that the person is a Nazi? Was
>there participation in some activity during WWII? Nazi
>is a pretty severe label, it has worse connotations
>than criticizing someone for something like ruthlessness
>or egocentricity.
>Linda Seltzer

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