Just for Jorge-How it's possible ?

Subject: Just for Jorge-How it's possible ?
From: Mikhail Malt (Mikhail.Malt@ircam.fr)
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 05:17:14 EDT

At 13:02 -0300 22/07/99, Jorge Antunes wrote:

>Dear Mikhail:
>How it's possible, for you, working so long time at IRCAM, to do a
>question like that?

1)How it's possible, are you not able to read "e-mails"....?????

I didn't ask an evaluation of my knowledge, just an information,

the next time just answer what is asked....

and If you are not able to read correctly, please don't begin attacking
without knowing the "deal"

the next time
take your time,

In fact:
How it's possible, for you, whit your "age", continue acting like a kid?

How it's possible ???, you never learn......

good luck


PS: sorry for all, for this really "out" of subject but as the answer came
in cecdiscuss,
the answer also

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