New Music Series - (Montreal, July 25, 1999)

Subject: New Music Series - (Montreal, July 25, 1999)
From: jef chippewa (jefchip@CAM.ORG)
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 11:44:47 EDT


 ** Vous pouvez consulter la programmation en français à l'adresse suivante:


NOW HEAR THIS: July 25 - Electroacoustic works from Concordia University

The eighth in a series of 13 new music concerts hosted by the Christ Church
Cathedral (Montréal) will take place this Sunday, July 18, 1999. Ian
Chuprun is the curator of this concert, with recent electroacoustic works
by jef chippewa, Yves Gigon, Jonathan Herring, Kevin Macloed, Jan
Pienkowski, Daniel Romano, and Dave Solursh on the programme.

 ** The organizers wish to thank ACREQ for their kindness in providing
    technical support for this concert.

 ** Remerciements à l'ACREQ pour le soutien technique qu'elle a offert
    pour ce concert.


     Christ Church Cathedral
     1444 Union, @ Ste.-Catherine, Montreal (McGill metro)
     All concerts start at 1:00 PM
     A freewill donation of $5.00 is suggested for entry

     T: +1 514 843 6577
     F: +1 514 843 6344

For further information on the concert programmes and performer biographies:


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NOW HEAR THIS Christ Church Cathedral
New Music Series 1444 Union, Montreal
Sundays at 1:00 PM June 6 - August 29, 1999

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