Re: [it's official!]

Subject: Re: [it's official!]
From: Martín (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 09:10:06 EDT

Dear Larry,

the CCRMA has been using the term "Digital Music" since at
least 1995, when I attended their summer concert. I think
they have been doing it so from earlier.

Martin Fumarola

Larry Austin <> wrote:
>Dear friends:
>It's official! CCRMA is calling its annual computer music
>"CCRMA Summer Concert 1999
>Digital Music Under The Stars
>Featuring works by Matt Ingalls, Juan Pampin, Seungyon-Seny Lee,
>Christopher Jones, Matthew Burtner, and Kotoka Suzuki",
>as announced on the ICMA bulletin board today.
>Well...I guess we better get used to the term. Even the bastion
>of all bastions of computer music has adopted the "new" term
>for what we do.
>Larry Austin

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