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From: Martín (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 12:20:10 EDT

The Bourges competition is not criticisable because composers
give prizes to other composers but and especially due to the
fact that a "Great Master" (Francisco Kropfl, a nazi-fascist
composer from Argentina) influences Francoise Barriere and
Clozier (and other people) to give prizes to his lackeys
(supposedly composers, all of them residents of Argentina).

All of the composers "members" of Kropfl´s black books (Ricardo
Dal Farra, Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi, and me) are completely
prevented of winning even a very elemental prize in the Bourges

Of course, this regrettable situation not only affect to the
residents of Argentina, there are composers of another
countries as well (several from different Latinamerican
countries, where the ICEM/CIME doesn´t care about the clearly
non-democratic structure of their national federations).
Electroacoustic feudalism....

Martin Fumarola

Mathew Adkins <> wrote:
>In response to a few points from the statement posted by Naut Humon
>1. To criticise Bourges as a competition in which composers
>give prizes to other composers... is this not the same
>in most major film, literature and pop awards? With those
>often within the industry awarding the prizes.

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