RE: observances

Subject: RE: observances
From: Mathew Adkins (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 07:34:01 EDT

        In response to a few points from the statement posted by Naut Humon

        1. To criticise Bourges as a competition in which composers give
prizes to other
        composers... is this not the same in most major film, literature and
pop awards?
        With those often within the industry awarding the prizes.

        2. A smaller point, but the collaboration between Rose Dodd (pointed
out as being
        an 'electroacoustic composer' and Justin Connolly was actually
called 'Kinderspel'
        from the dutch, child's play rather than the german 'Kinderzimmer'
perhaps this could
        be corrected in the Jury statement.

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