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Subject: Re: more observances
From: jan.larsson (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1999 - 06:21:14 EDT

At 05.40 +0200 99-07-19, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:
>Were the people who entered the competition informed that only a small
>portion of their piece would be listened to? Were they given the option of
>which part this should be (as happens with many Arts Council juries)?
>Were the sections chosen at random, or were they the first couple of
>moments (seconds to a portion of a minute), and then a forward skip to
>some later (unknown) section of the piece, with the jury making informed
>'guesses' as to what happens between?

These questions are quickly answered if you visit the PAE website:

In addition to the complete work, please include a 2 - 3 minute excerpt
that effectively portrays an introductory summation of the essential
elements explored in the whole piece. This edited extraction can serve as a
compressed remix of different musical areas of the longer composition or
simply choose a continuous representative slice. This helps the jury to
deal with large quantities of submissions in a focused judicial manner.

Jan Larsson

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