Re: more observances

Subject: Re: more observances
Date: Sun Jul 18 1999 - 23:20:55 EDT

Tom wrote ...

>At least then, as students, we HAD a "Source" of information about a slice of
>the avant garde as it actually existed. Never mind what the academics felt,
>the ideas got across anyway. How does that happen now?

This is one of the mysteries, and consequences of an expanding access to
information. Source was not so much _a_ cross-section of (american)
avant-garde'ism', as _the_ cross-section. Today, it seems to me, with the
fragmentation that has arisen from the multiplication of sources and
activities, it is just about impossible to keep track of all of the
on-going activities. The more that is available, the less common ground
for discussion. When there were only 60 or 70 LPS of ea/cm, it was
possible to own (or have access to) most of them.

A number of years ago, the CEC looked into this issue and came to the
conclusion that one way to serve the national and international ea/cm
community was to develop a web-site at, or through which, there would be
access to large amounts of sonic art of various styles, genres, regions
etc etc. The CEC's eContact! publications are premised on this way of
organizing and making available information.

The commitment to free, open and organized access will (likely) remain as
long as the support for such a pressing need remain in place. However,
that's a thread for some other night.



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