Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc

Subject: Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc
From: jan.larsson (
Date: Sun Jul 18 1999 - 16:29:52 EDT

At 14.15 +0200 99-07-18, Hannah Bosma wrote:

>Another strange phenomenon is that so much composers of electronic dance /
>ambient music are saying (without further explanation) to be influend by
>the Greatest White Male Modernist Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, while I
>do not perceive any relation of their music to the music of Stockhausen. I
>have a strong feeling that with this reference, these electronic dance /
>ambient composers are looking for academic prestige. (See Iara Lee's film
>"Modulations", for example; there are only male composers/producers being
>interviewed there btw.)

There has been quite a few articles, since late 70:s, about/with Stockhausen
in synth/homerecording magazines. At least here in europe. The image
projected in these articles is usually that of some kind of grandfather of
synth-music. Schaeffer and Henry also surfaces from time to time.

I dont think the typical ambient/experimental/dance composer worry that
much about "academic prestige".

Jan Larsson

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