Re: more observances

Subject: Re: more observances
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Sun Jul 18 1999 - 16:24:00 EDT

Three short notes regarding recent post/positions :

(1) re/new-orientation
[re Dennis Bathory-Kitsz et al. ...]
First of all I think that one should really acknowledge the PAE committees efforts :
if they wouldn't have gone into "digital musics" (though the term "digital" might
really need some further refinement) the amount of complaints would have been even
greater ...

(2) re/new-formation
[re Ross Bencina, Kevin Austin ...]
It might well be that today (the respective capacity of certain) software systems
take over (much of) the role formerly exerted by teachers/"schools" (with completely
different compositional directions having been grown out of one and the same nest,
though), yet I am (still) of the opinion that a certain pool of /information/
provided through(out) a certain education does weigh a lot. (And : could, with
concessions, one and the same musical thought not be realized by entirely different
means ?)

(3) re/new-invention
[re Larry Austin]
Yet I agree that today we should be the more careful in coining new terms (like,
e.g., "texturhythms") for also the acquistion of (a) new word(case)s might reach too
short in describing a (to some extent) new listening experience/ compositional
structure. And : what is good for a composition's (original) title does not
necessarily go for the (scientific ?) determination of its very contents and

Alexandra Hettergott.

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