Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc

Subject: Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Sun Jul 18 1999 - 14:31:28 EDT

Anna Rubin wrote:

> took many years for Pauline Oliveros' contributions to
> the avant-garde to be documented and included (and is still not as well
> known) though her work IMV is as revolutionary as Cage's. And Pauline's
> model of inter-dependent community of musicians, spanning styles, ethnic
> backgrounds, etc. is an inspiring one to study.

Pauline's work and advanced musical concepts were well
known and appreciated in the SF Bay Area in the late 'fifties
and increasingly in the 'sixties. Her prose piece/poem "Some Sound
Observations" was first published in Source in Jan., 1968. She was
then and remains a great influence on my own work. Cage appreciated
her importance as well and collaborated with her in many, many
projects and performances. She continues to make important contributions
to the welfare of the new music and avant garde community of artists
and human beings.

Larry Austin

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