Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc

Subject: Re: (non)academic music and gender issues, etc
Date: Sun Jul 18 1999 - 08:52:12 EDT

Hanna wrote ...

> The young ones ("sons") fighting against the older ones
>("fathers"), while later on the young ones get older and institionalized
>too, etc....

>Please react!

>From a recent Pow-Wow outside Montreal ...

                        A Half a Blanket
                 As retold by Barbara LittleBear

Many years ago in a village lived a father, his son and his grandson. The
son's wife dies a few years earlier and from then on, the men took care
of each other. One spring, the son went on his fishing trip and left the
grandfather and grandson together. Six weeks after, the son returned with
a (new) wife.

All four of them lived together, but as time passed the grandfather and
the new wife grew distant and things became unpleasant. After some time,
the wife approached the husband and stated either he had to get rid of
his father or she would return to her village. He asked for a few nights
to think about it.

A few nights later, the father called his son. "Tomorrow as the sun rises
you take your grandfather deep into the forest and leave him and retrun
home alone." He gave his son a rolled up blanket to shield the grandfather
from the cold. The dutiful son rose the next morning and did as he was told.

Just as the sun was setting the grandson returned home. His father asked
if he had done as requested, and the grandson answered "Yes father."
However, the father noticed that his son had a bundle under his arms.
"Did you give grandfather the blanket?" he asked. "Why yes father, but I
tore the blanket in half and this half is for you when it is time for me
to take you into the forest."

The father told his son, "Tomorrow at sunrise, go back into the forest nd
bring your grandfather home."



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