more observances

Subject: more observances
From: Naut Humon (
Date: Sat Jul 17 1999 - 19:51:28 EDT


>> The posted article (very useful, again thanks), presents an uncommonly
>> complete model for the selection process, criteria and group thinking.
>I think it represents, on the other hand, a model for contemplating the
>group navel (def.: The depression in the surface of the abdomen where
>the umbilical cord was connected with the fetus).
>Larry Austin

 for all you navel watchers out there - if you feel that something
has gone terribly wrong here or if somehow the Prix Ars music
thing got corrupted in a manner not congruent with established
ea/cm protocol you could illustrate further.

                                        Actually I don't
subscribe to any music's "fashion" or agenda myself and I
wasn't particularily aware that ea/cm held some coveted
criteria for this either. It always appeared to me as an open
canvas to all kinds of sonic gestures beyond these arbitrary
classifications of "academia" or "experimental" subgenres.
These areas are useful for describing specific stylizations
and musical referencing but how "reverent" are we to be to
these so-called 'definitions'? If there is some "bible"
or commandments concerning ea/cm sacred preservation
and representation as a quota category in competitions like
Prix Ars so-called "cyber-arts"? To me ea/cm always seem
to transcend this narrowness of self evaluation by the
sheer magnificance of many of its practitioners.
Where did everything become so bloody intellectualized?
The music should speak for itself as a first impression
regardless of source ("it ain't where you're from - its
where you're at!") -- then we investigate further the
ideas and theories if compelled to do so.

  As far as Kodwo's jury statement is concerned -it does
represent through his filter a personal description of
his perceptions of the jury proceedings which is common
to most years articles. My slant along with the other
three panelists may vary a bit - which will become evident
in future observations to this list. But if some readers
dismiss the statement as merely "nonsense" without real
justifications then this is fine. I'm not here to defend-
only to proceed with a community dialogue that in the
coming weeks could enlighten (or perhaps bore) those
viewers who still might care about competition issues.

  ..... soon forward ............. naut humon

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