Why Computer Music Sucks

Subject: Why Computer Music Sucks
From: Anomalous Records Eric (eric@anomalousrecords.com)
Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 13:28:15 EDT

>> Thank you for your reply to my email concerning the computer music
>> category. I have no problem in a "broadening" of the category, but I
>> disagree with the implication in your reply that "experimental music" is
>> distinct from "computer music" - all styles and genres of electroacoustic
>> music have their more conventional instances and those which push the
>> boundaries of the art form in some sense.


have you read this piece that Bob Ostertag wrote called "Why computer music
sucks"? The first line in his article is "Computer music per se is, at
least for the moment, at something of a dead end. This is the result of a
bizarre sort of inverse development over the last few decades." He goes on
to point out "Šas the technical capabilities have expanded, the range of
musical possibilities which are being explored has become increasingly
restricted." And later on "If, however, we leave the confines of the
Computer Music tower and look at what is happening outside in the rest of
the world, what do we see? Computers are revolutionizing the way music is
made." In any case, the reason I point all this out, is that this article
was first published in Prix Ars Electronica 1996 (and also republished in
Resonance Volume 5 issue 1), and I think the article actually clears up a
little where they are coming from. It also shows this has been brewing for
a few years now, and not something appearing there just this year.

Eric Lanzillotta

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