Re: remix?

Subject: Re: remix?
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 19:37:36 EDT

Anomalous Records Eric wrote:

> At 10:46 AM -0500 7/15/99, Larry Austin wrote:
> >Besides Dhomont's "Frankenstein Symphony", there's Stockhausen's
> >"Hymnen", as well as many others. No "beat" though in either. And,
> >while not re-mixes of other musics, there's Cage's series of "mixes" of
> >recorded sounds: "Williams Mix" (1952); "Fontana Mix" (1958); and
> >"Rozart Mix" (1963).
> I think these other examples don't capture what is currently meant by remix
> much the way Dhomont's piece does. Especially as the others aren't
> reworking a specific music, but would be happy with more generic sources.
> Modern remixes seem very dependant on their specific source, however these
> Cage pieces could exist in many realizations with different source material.

> Right?

I think so, and Cage confirms this in interviews about "Williams Mix", for one.


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