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Subject: Re: remix?
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Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 19:27:34 EDT

At 10:46 AM -0500 7/15/99, Larry Austin wrote:
>Besides Dhomont's "Frankenstein Symphony", there's Stockhausen's
>"Hymnen", as well as many others. No "beat" though in either. And,
>while not re-mixes of other musics, there's Cage's series of "mixes" of
>recorded sounds: "Williams Mix" (1952); "Fontana Mix" (1958); and
>"Rozart Mix" (1963).

I think these other examples don't capture what is currently meant by remix
much the way Dhomont's piece does. Especially as the others aren't
reworking a specific music, but would be happy with more generic sources.
Modern remixes seem very dependant on their specific source, however these
Cage pieces could exist in many realizations with different source material.


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