Re: (Fwd) Thaemlitz RE: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music)

Subject: Re: (Fwd) Thaemlitz RE: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music)
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 14:56:14 EDT

Terre Thaemlitz wrote:

> i think you misunderstood me. i was not referring to any actual sound as
> 'purely academic' - i was talking about my concerns about an ideological
> response by PAE toward direct digital synthesis as inherentlyl 'academic'

Hi Terre,

thanks for the reply. I understood you fairly well, but you aided with your
narrowing the PAE problem to that of direct digital synthesis [but I dont
necessarily agree with: "(ie., conservative, complicit with Modernist great
White male canons, ivory towers, uninteresting to the common folk, etc.)"].
Anyway, this seems to be the legacy of the computer-music-school part of the
larger electroacoustic diasporia, and it seems like we must all deal with it as
best we can.

Well done with your Honorable Mention for a jazz based piece. Seems like another
good cross-over.


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Ian Chuprun

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