Re: remix?

Subject: Re: remix?
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 11:46:11 EDT

Ross Bencina wrote:

> I'm not sure traditional "Tape Music" is particularly suited to the remix
> paradigm - it might end up sounding like Malcolm McLaren's 'Mozart remix'
> album 'Waltz Darling'... :)

Besides Dhomont's "Frankenstein Symphony", there's Stockhausen's
"Hymnen", as well as many others. No "beat" though in either. And,
while not re-mixes of other musics, there's Cage's series of "mixes" of
recorded sounds: "Williams Mix" (1952); "Fontana Mix" (1958); and
"Rozart Mix" (1963).

Interesting to observe that we keep re-inventing (sic) musical means
and coining new words and/or coining new meanings for old words
without at least acknowledging the original usage...or is that being

Larry Austin

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