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Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 09:42:39 EDT

Some of those examples by Latinamerican composers are:

"Homenaje a la flecha clavada en el pecho de Don Juan
Diaz de Solis" by Coriun Aharonian (Uruguay)

"Ashram" by Ricardo Dal Farra -from Argentina (available in our CD "Travels of
the Spider")

"Tropicos" by Alfredo del Monaco (Venezuela)

"Nahual II" for Chamula harp and electronics by Roberto
Morales (Mexico). Available in the CD of the ICMC 92

There are, of course, more examples.


KEVIN AUSTIN <> wrote:
>From within the field of ea/cm, I would suggest listening to the differnt
>approaches taken by composers in several Latin American nations ...
>Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico. I sense some 'schools' here
>that are more, or less, reliant upon the european 'abstract' tradition,
>and others that employ traditional (Latin American) instruments and
>gestural types.
>I believe that there are (or soon will be) examples of these on the CEC
>eContact! web site. Look for the 'Latin American' edition of eContact!

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