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Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 18:03:45 EDT

 ...and in the same city at the same time (although in the evenings only)
Concordia University will be presenting concerts 5, 6 and 7 of EuCuE,
profiling works from Canada and the USA on a 20+ diffusion system. (more info
to follow).

Seems like the autumn will once again be FULL of ea! Yehaaaaa!!!!


Pauline Vaillancourt by way of thibaul@CAM.ORG (Alain Thibault) wrote:

> Invites you to
> NewOp 8 in Montreal
> November 10 to 13, 1999
> After Brussels, Antwerp, Colmar, Copenhagen, Toronto, Cambridge and
> Amsterdam, NewOp stops in Montréal. This edition is presented in
> association with Le Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, the Festival de
> la Voix de Montréal, and the Washington-based organisation Opera America
> regrouping all the creative artists working in the field of musical theater
> in North America.
> Creation, voice and new technology
> A conference is a well, a source of new ideas, an opportunity to
> provoke...(Pauline Vaillancourt)
> The 1999 NewOp International Conference in Montreal will focus on issues
> related to creativity. Participants will find a place steeming with new
> ideas and an opportunity to challenge their knowledge of some of the
> following:
> … new technology: you will find workshops animated by new tech sound
> and visual specialists ;
> … content & form: video sessions and presentations of creative works
> in progress;
> … recent vocal interpretation techniques: you will find workshops
> given by well-known experts.
> These above all will be presented in the context of the Americas. You will
> meet composers, performers and study various works which form the
> historical base of contemporary musical theater in the Americas. If you
> have not had the opportunity to network, NewOp 8 support to start this
> networking. You will hear about projects, productions and contacts as well
> as creators, producers and distributors both local and from abroad .
> We have also scheduled in free time which you can use for private meetings,
> unplanned presentations and ad-hoc encounters! It is our wish that this
> meeting will provide an environment for creative partnerships, innovations
> and for new projects.
> So put these dates on your agenda right now! They are worth a little trip
> to Montreal, the Festival City.
> Pauline Vaillancourt, Artistic Director
> Lyse Richer, President of the Organizing Committee
> Inscription: CHANTS LIBRES
> 3641 Clark Street
> Montreal (Québec) Canada H2X 2S1
> *Temporary address until September 1st, 1999
> Tel: (450) 444-5517 Fax: (450) 619-0365 E-mail:
> Web :
> Inscription fees: $225. CAD ($175. CAD before August 31th)

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