Re: Academic or Not?

Subject: Re: Academic or Not?
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 20:08:55 EDT

Linda A. Seltzer wrote:

> The inclusion of folk melodies or motifs in more theoretical types of
> music achieves the effect of a piece within a piece, or a piece dramatizing
> another piece.

How about an example or two?

> >so, going folk, the EA composer weakens his intellect (eclecticism being
> >the low of contemporary education),
> I don't see this statement as a logical outgrowth of my statements.
> There are many possible results of a composer mixing her or his aims.
> Bartok and Aaron Copeland both used folk elements in their music.
> Bartok's result seems more academic to me.

Excellent. Now I can hear what you are writing. How about within the ea/cm field

> At some point music which started out as "folk" could become "academic."
> I.e. more theoretical elements could be worked into folk music, and
> then the result is either academic music or a hybrid.

OK. Got an example?

> I am however, saying that there is a positive place for academic
> music, that it is not an esoteric and wasteful exercise.

I have to agree, and I am still searching for more examples of this illusive
'academic music' in listen-able form. (thanks KA for the start).

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